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Type O Negative (NY) Frontman Peter Steele Dead - Confirmed by Bandmate Kenny Hickey

[center] [/center] Even though there has been no official confirmation, it is being reported that Peter Steele, the lead singer, bassist, and composer for the Gothic metal band Type O Negative had succumbed to heart attack early Wednesday. The death news has been confirmed by fellow bandmate Kenny Hickey. The death news was also confirmed by Fuse Host Mistress Juliya who posted several messages on the twitter. The message says that Steele died of heart failure. In 2005 there was a similar kind of death rumour of Steele and was later revealed that it was a joke. At time there were rumours that he was suffering from AIDS, he was on his deathbed and some news even declared that he had attempted suicide. Later it was learnt that Steele was very much alive and the joke was criticized for being in a poor taste. [center] [/center] However this time it is no joke that Steele is no longer amongst us. Steele’s death is a serious loss to music and he would be remembered for his notable contribution to the world of music. Peter Steele's final interview
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Type O Negative live in Clifton Park, NY
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Type O Negative – Kenny & Johnny interview from Clifton Park, discussing drug use and addiction, among other topics
Type O Negative Interview HARDTIMES.CA

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Pete Rocked!Met him and kenny once,bought them a beer at coney island high on west 4th.i knew who they were and Kenny and Pete were like a married couple the way the went at each other.Funny times,gr8t MAN,gr8t music,really sad news!!! If he Od'd,Oh well,I just hope it wasn't Aids.He wasn't gay,and didn't shoot drugs.Some bitch?No mmatter,R.I.P Pete,U deserve it!I taped 2 shows,one from 1999,one from 2003..Damm,they ROCKED.clear as the records,Every1 I love is dead!
Thank you for reposting, this was one of the funniest and inspiring interviews he ever gave.
wtf, great set. Wolf Moon AND World Coming Down, back to back? sweet jesus!
Square, fun, never dull. Gentle giant is the word. This interview was the best last news I could have WITNESSED. Thank you, hardtimes.ca, for such a sweet farewell. I'm the classic 15-year-old catholic school girl who was scared to death, horny as hell and fascinated all at once just by watching "Christian woman" on MTV. Now I'm 35 and know all about boys in big bodies -- more than I wish I knew... Alpha and omega was a nice touch to the skin, as your simple and down to earth motto was to your lips. Too bad we had so little of it. Rest in peace, Peter. You will be missed. L. (São Paulo, Brazil)
God's speed Peter, rest for the weary... I will miss you gentle giant. MET