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Don't forget the struggle
Dont forget the people


7 clues, if these aren't being presented to you by your media of choice, Also a good clue if your trusted talkinghead is a legit or not. i have tried to find what people would call legitimate sources of information (even if they are just a facade for disinformation. These...

On Wednesday evening, Scarlett Johansson announced she was ending her role as “Global Ambassador” for the charity Oxfam, after facing mounting criticism over her lucrative endorsement deal with SodaSt
Today, 3 activists with the Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands (MI CATS) were found guilty of all charges stemming from protest against an Enbridge pipeline.


Move Forward - Nothing's Left to Save Us

If I was to put this music to film or book, it would be the story of a man that walks around with headphones searching for people to rescue, dark souls. He sp...

Domination - Reality is Hell

I am the type of person that gives hardcore a bad name because my scope of hardcore is so broad that innocent by standing band fall into my net of what hardcore is. I do not discriminate and i...

full of hell - rudiments of mutilation

The perfect soundtrack to slasher movie in 3 act. It contains all the classic elements the protagonist - the listener. The antagonist-f...

Of The First Born Son - Video Interview - Live From HARDTIMES.CA